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Round-the-Clock Private Duty Nursing

At Eagle Care we understand the elderly need and deserve quality non-medical senior care, so we’re here to provide exactly that. Because many seniors have lived active and productive lives, it may be hard for them to ask for help when the time comes. We are committed to preserving and supporting the dignity of the individuals we care for, which is why we do everything in our power to make in-home senior care something they enjoy and desire.

Nurse helping senior male with oxygen mask

Comfort and Care in Your Own Home

Many seniors have a fear of being put in a home where some of their needs may go unmet, and they’ll be in an unfamiliar environment. At Eagle Care our main goal is to provide the essential aid seniors need to live in their most desired environment. The greatest environment of peace and comfort is often one’s own home. We are highly dedicated to personalized care in the home, tailored to your physical needs, personality, and temperament.

High Quality Staff

When it comes to medical staffing, we are highly selective about who we ask to join us at Eagle Care. We look for individuals who are thoughtful and attentive to detail, as well as compassionate and respectful toward all people they interact with. All of our staff members have undergone background checks, drug tests, and had to provide character references in order to be cleared to work for us.

In addition to rigorous screening, Eagle Care provides orientation for our staff, depending on the specific needs of the individuals they will care for. This ensures that in addition to general medical knowledge, they also know how to treat each person for their maximum comfort.

Nurse checking on Senior in their home

Temporary Senior Care

If your loved one does not need constant care, but is going through major surgery soon, or had a serious hospital stay recently, we also have in-home respite care available. With this service, we offer private duty nursing on a short-term basis, such as medication, housekeeping, meal preparation, assistance in mobility at home, and accompaniment to any further doctor’s appointments.

Whether it’s you or your family member who needs care, and whether it’s long or short-term, Eagle Care has the qualified staff members to provide relief and comfort. If you need some in-home senior care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Eagle Care today—we’re always more than happy to assist you.

Serving Seniors Locally for over 13 Years