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Personalized Care

In the Home

Quality Senior Care

Are you or a loved one of senior age but don’t feel like a senior care home is the most ideal place to live out the rest of your life? Thankfully, there is a wonderful alternative to care homes—in-home care. Your home is where you feel the most comfortable, so why shouldn’t you spend the rest of your days in the most desirable environment? Eagle Care is here to help with professional medical staffing and in-home care so you or your family member can get assistance with daily living without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Eagle Care has been serving Memphis and the surrounding areas for over 13 years and we are dedicated to providing personalized senior care so you or your loved ones can preserve your dignity in the environment you feel most comfortable in. Our organization holds three separate state of Tennessee licenses for home care, facility care, and care for special needs individuals. We also have professional liability insurance, protecting you from all forms of material loss, theft, or damage. We do all we can in order to serve you best.

Smiling Nurse and Senior

Quality Personalized Care

We understand that every person is different, which is why we will always do a thorough assessment of your personal situation, such as physical needs, personality, and temperament. After that, we will match you with the staff member who is the best fit for you. Before they are sent to your home, our staff members go through orientation so they know about your specific needs ahead of time. By providing experienced and well-trained aides, Eagle Care is able to see to both your physical and emotional needs.

We receive daily reports from our staff members in order to closely monitor how each individual under our care is doing. These daily reports are also available to you and your family, so feel free to request one from Eagle Care whenever you need it.

Carefully Screened Caregiver Staff

At Eagle Care, we take senior care very seriously, which is why all of our staff members go through rigorous screening before being hired. They have all been through background checks, drug tests, and have submitted character references as well. Also, we understand that knowledge and skill are only part of the equation when it comes to senior care; the other crucial part involves compassion and respect.


Our Services

Here at Eagle Care our ultimate goal is to provide you and your family with the necessary services to negate the need for a senior care home. Our thoroughly trained personnel will work with you in to give you the personalized senior care services you need.



Eagle Care

Serving seniors locally for over 13 years

5050 Poplar Avenue, Ste. 2400
Memphis, TN 38157


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